7 Tips on Choosing a Restoration Company for Water Damage

One in 50 homeowners files a freezing or water damage claim each year, which accounts for about 24% of all insurance claims for homeowners. Water damage is frustrating. From burst pipes to an overflowing toilet, water damage takes many forms.

If you’re dealing with water damage, consider hiring a restoration company as a DIY can escalate the issue. Professionals will inspect your home to guide them in fixing water damage in your home. With the many water restoration companies available, you need to be keen when hiring water restoration experts.

Here are the top tips to consider when choosing your ideal restoration company for your home’s water damage.

1. Certified Experts

Your identified water damage restoration company should have certified professionals. Certifications are arguably amongst the most crucial considerations that you can’t afford to ignore in your quest for the right professional.

Note that no laws are regulating the water damage restoration sector. Anybody can open a company and claim that they are professionals in fixing water damage. Dealing with such a company can be devastating.

It is crucial to consider a company with cleaning and restoration certification to show that they are professionals. The certificates are enough proof that they have the right training, up-to-date tools, and knowledge to precisely execute a project. You’ll rest easy knowing that you got the best there is.

2. Immediate Response

One of the primary benefits of water damage restoration is that you get to experience fast services. With water damage, you can’t afford to waste time. It can seep into your furnishings, appliances, or even walls, making the damage more severe.

Your ideal water restoration company should provide immediate remediation services. The company should be picking calls 24/7 as a water disaster can strike at any time. If a firm takes hours or even days to return your call or reply to your email, there are chances that the service provider won’t be any different.

Inquire more about their response to know how soon they can start the cleaning and repair process. Know about their emergency planning services to ensure that you get fast help any time you need it.

3. Look for an Insured and Licensed Restoration Company

A water damage company should have the license to perform in your state. Ask to see the license and research widely to ensure that the company is performing legally. The last thing you want is to be entangled by a company that’s already not recognized by the relevant authority.

You might also want to prioritize an organization that’s insured. Addressing water damage is a project that can result in damages, either for the workers or your home. An insured company will save you from potential liabilities in case of an accident during remediation.

4. References and Reviews

More than 50% of consumers always check online reviews before visiting a local shop. When looking for a water damage restoration company, references and reviews are a great place to start. You’ll know more about the company you’re about to hire based on their past customers’ experiences.

Your family and friends can also provide excellent recommendations to guide you in choosing the right company. If either of your networks has dealt with water damage restoration companies recently, they can recommend the best.

A company with reputable local references is likely to offer you satisfactory services. The positive word of mouth is enough proof that the firm has been providing thorough and trustworthy repairs.

5. Services Offered

Water damage restoration companies have various services that you need to know. Most of these services seek to return home to its previous condition. Some of these services include:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Water extraction and drying
  • Mold remediation
  • Structural repairs

Water damage is more than what meets the eye. Slight dampness on your walls might be an indication that broken pipes are leading to leaks. It’s crucial to work with a water restoration company addressing all the possible issues causing water damage.

Prioritize a water restoration company that offers a range of services. The idea is to have experts dealing with the main issue and address concerns like mold and other aftermath services.

6. Use of Advanced Techniques and Equipment

Water damage leaves your home looking unsightly. You’ll need thorough water extraction, cleaning, dehumidification, and drying to avoid mold issues in the future. Reputable companies utilize advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

A company that uses the latest equipment is a great option since the restoration process will be quicker. You’ll be assured that you won’t be dealing with recurring mold growth. More importantly, the right tools and techniques will ensure your personal property like photographs, artwork, and documents are safe.

Professionals have quality machinery that will guarantee that the water remediation process is a success. Ask your identified company the kind of tools they use. If the firm uses outdated equipment or method, the chances are that the results won’t be satisfactory.

7. Look for a Company That Provides a Detailed Plan for the Process

A restoration company should have a clear plan of how it’s going to remediate the water damage. It is crucial to have a detailed plan on how the company will work on the repairs and issues like mold growth.

Have a restoration company assess the water damage situation in your home. An experienced firm will give you reliable estimates and how it plans to go about the work. A company that doesn’t have a precise procedure might miss crucial processes necessary when fixing water damage.

Getting the Best Restoration Company to Fix Water Damage Can Be Daunting

If you have been searching for the best restoration services in Portland, the chances are that you’ll get a myriad of options. However, you need to be keen as not all companies purporting to be professionals are reliable. Ensure that your research widely to get the perfect restoration company to suit your needs.

A reputable company will address your home’s current water damage and address possible future occurrences. Choose right and enjoy exceptional restoration services.

Are you looking for water restoration services? PNW deals with all kinds of water damage in Portland and its environs. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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