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basement water damage

We all know that water damage can happen to anybody at any time, even with the best precautions in place. When your basement floods or accumulates large amounts of water, it’s easy to panic. What should you do? Lucky for you, all you need to do is call the trusted basement water extraction and removal experts at PNW Restoration.

At PNW, we safely and efficiently remove water from your home’s basement. We even offer 24/7 emergency services that are ready to respond to your call at any time. With experts – who can access the source of the damage, create a detailed basement water removal plan, and repair your home – waiting for your phone call, your home doesn’t have to be a victim of water damage for long.


Basements are almost always one of the first areas in your home to accumulate excess water. Why? The answer is simple: your basement is usually the most susceptible area for water damage and flooding because of its location. Since it’s located closer to the ground surface, your basement is the first point of contact with any water seeping through the soil. When water runoff or heavy rains happen, your basement is left vulnerable to the creeping tendrils of water flows.
Flooding is not uncommon in basements of older homes, homes without waterproofed basements, and homes in low-lying or flood-prone areas. However, basement flooding is something that can happen to anyone, given the right conditions.

Causes of Flooding & Excess Water in Your Basement

Many factors can cause water damage and water accumulation in your basement. Usually, extreme or heavy rainfall pushes your basement over the edge into the flood zone.
However, plumbing issues can also be a significant contributor to flooded basements. Any plumbing issues in your home can escalate to cause extreme basement flooding. In these instances, the basement water extraction experts at PNW Restoration are here to help fast!
Other things to be aware of regarding the possibility of basement flooding include sump pump failure and sewage system issues. When your electricity goes out during thunderstorms, your sump pump could fail, shut off, or temporarily be damaged. When this happens to your sump pump, your basement is even more vulnerable to excess rainwater accumulation.

Dangerous Waters in Your Basement

Unfortunately, even an active and fully-functioning sump pump can fail to work fast enough in unusually heavy rainfall. This can result in high waters that are dangerous to come into contact with. And the problem can come on so suddenly that you have no time to prepare for your basement flooding.
Floodwaters can contain numerous particles and contaminants. As they flow through your home, they ruin personal belongings and bring bacteria and viruses, which can pose significant health concerns to your family. Always avoid entering floodwaters in your basement, and trust the trained professionals at PNW Restoration for their detailed basement water removal services.

Mold and Mildew

It can get even worse for homeowners who don’t act quickly. Even the smallest amount of water in your basement can cause significant damage and ruin irreplaceable personal belongings. When standing water is in your basement, it encourages mold and mildew to grow in damp, dark, and humid areas.
Your basement is already the most likely place in your home for mold growth. Mold spores can move fast, spread far and wide, and last a long time without proper action. To make matters even worse, mold is hazardous to your health. Asthma and breathing problems are only the beginning of a list of common side effects of coming into prolonged contact with mold. Contact PNW Restoration today for fast and reliable basement water extraction services.

Our Basement Water Extraction & Removal Services

At the heart of what we do at PNW Restoration are quality, affordable basement water removal services for everyone. We begin our process with a detailed inspection of your home to assess the damage, pinpoint causes of water accumulation, and evaluate the structural integrity of your home.
Next, our trained professional basement water extraction specialists get to work. We not only remove all water from your basement with the best equipment on the market; we also ensure your home is mold-free, safe to re-enter, and dried out completely.
In some cases, areas of your basement might be damaged enough to require remodeling and tear-outs. We’ll work with you and your insurance to provide the best restoration blueprint possible in these instances.

What PNW Restoration Has to Offer You

PNW Restoration has so much to offer homeowners and business owners alike for all of your home restoration needs. With reliable, fast, and affordable basement water extraction and removal services, we are just a phone call away from helping you reclaim your home.
When water damage happens, we understand that everything can become very overwhelming. At PNW Restoration, we see every customer as more than just a number. We genuinely care about the quality and safety of every job that we do, and we prioritize your needs above all else. A friendly smile and our detailed basement water removal services can go a long way to restoring your life to the way it was before flooding.
With PNW Restoration, you can rest assured that your basement’s water problem will become history fast. Air quality in your basement will also improve after we extract floodwaters, ensure no mold growth, and dry out your home completely. We offer more than just basement water removal services. We offer peace of mind at PNW Restoration. Give us a call today to learn more toll-free at (503) 352-5209.

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