Biohazard cleanup is applied to many situations and environments. 

For example, it may include picking up and bagging discarded needles and other sharps in a laboratory setting. In different situations, biohazard cleanup requires more sensitivity. 

Though the steps in biohazard cleanup may vary a bit, they generally all include safely and legally discarding hazardous materials. 

If you’re considering hiring a biohazard cleanup team in Portland, Oregon, here’s what you need to know about the process. 

What Is Biohazard Cleanup? 

Biohazard cleanup is described as the formal process of removing dangerous substances, as well as cleaning and sanitizing the area in which they are stored. Biohazard cleanup services are generally required at labs, medical facilities, and crime sites. 

What Is a Biohazard? 

We covered what biohazard cleanup is, but what about the actual biohazard? “Biohazard” is short for biological hazard. They include any substance that poses a physical threat of harm to people and animals. 

As such, the most common biohazards include: 

  • Blood
  • Human or animal tissue
  • Discarded viruses
  • Animal waste
  • Human bodily fluids, including saliva

Things like blood, tissue, and bodily fluids are why needles, IV tubes, and other sharps are also considered biohazards. Have you ever gone to the doctor’s and seen those little orange or red bags that are separate from the trash? Those receptacles are designed to hold biohazardous materials. 

What’s Involved in the Biohazard Cleanup Process in Portland? 

Now that we’ve covered what a biohazard is, let’s take a look at what the professional cleanup process in Portland entails. 

Here’s the step-by-step process: 

The Hazardous Site Is Contained

Before cleanup can begin, the area in which the biohazards are located will be siphoned off. Doing so will help contain the area and help mitigate the spread to other areas of the building. This is typically done with a large plastic sheet. 

Cleanup Process Formally Begins 

Once the area is cordoned off, the biohazard cleanup process formally begins. The first step is usually to remove hazardous material from the property. This includes bagging up items and using special tools and cleaners to decontaminate the area. 

Once everything has been decontaminated, the cleanup techs will start cleaning up any chemicals left over. 

Hazardous Waste Is Safely Disposed Of

The final step in the biohazard cleanup process is for everything to be safely discarded. The state of Oregon has rules about what items can be thrown out and where. 

Though it may be your first instinct to discard hazardous waste yourself, doing so can actually land you in a heap of trouble. Anyone found guilty of an OSHA violation, for example, could be facing up to a $70,000 fine. 

Don’t play fast and loose with the rules. Instead, call a professional biohazard cleanup company to safely discard what’s onsite. 

Why You Should Hire a Professional Biohazard Cleanup Company in Portland, OR

Facing hefty fines is just one of the reasons why you should hire a professional company. But that’s not the only one. 

Often, the scenes in which biohazard cleanup is necessary may just not be the right place for you. In the event of a tragedy, those are the last images you should see. It’s also the last environment you should be in. 

In addition to protecting your mental health, hiring a professional protects your physical health, too. Things like blood, bodily fluids, and waste are dangerous and can cause illnesses and infections. 

Since it’s not common to be around biohazards, you likely don’t have the proper protective gear like we do. This protective gear – or PPE – includes hazmat suits, rubber gloves, boots, and eye goggles. Hiring a professional guarantees the proper cleanup, disposal, and protection of any biohazards. 

How Long Will My Biohazard Cleanup Appointment Take?

Unfortunately, this answer depends on the type of biohazard we’re dealing with and the type of environment. 

Proper cleanup can take as little as a few hours or could be as much as a few weeks on average. It’s hard to say; however, we’ll do our best to give you an honest estimate. 

Do You Need Professional Biohazard Cleanup? Call PNW Restoration to Schedule an Appointment

We understand that scheduling a call like this may be a difficult call to make. When you hire us, you can trust that we’ll be discreet and arrive in unmarked vans. 

Regardless of the type of biohazard you’re looking to clean up, the team at PNW Restoration can do it all. We have years of experience handling all types of biohazards. Our techs will come prepared to return your home or business property to normal. 

If you have any questions, we welcome you to give us a call. PNW Restoration representatives can be reached at (971) 247-3381. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or consultation. 


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