mold removal mistakesDo you notice your wallpaper peeling off? Do you see dark-colored spots around the house? Do you have colds that seem to not want to go away?

These are signs of possible mold problems. Molds are a type of fungus that develops on wet materials. They reproduce through tiny spores that may cause different kinds of health problems like allergies and asthma attacks

Getting rid of molds is doable but can be tricky. Moreover, homeowners tend to commit mold removal mistakes that only make matters worse.

But what exactly are these mistakes that you should avoid at all costs? Continue reading below as we take a look at seven common mistakes in mold removal.

1. The Bleach Effect

Though bleach is one of the most powerful cleaning solutions available, using it is one of the biggest mold removal mistakes you can commit. This is because bleach doesn’t kill all types of molds. Since it doesn’t, there is a possibility that the spores will grow a new batch altogether.

Bleach will create a biosphere for the mold. In about three months, the molds will return to the same spot. And this time, they will be deadlier than before.

Moreover, you may inhale the bleach fumes and airborne spores.

Instead of using bleach, consider using a Borax solution. Take 1 cup of 20 Mule Team Borax and combine it with a gallon of hot water. Mix thoroughly and apply to the infected area.

Be careful during the application. Never apply the solution to drywall and other porous materials. After application, scrub the area using a wire brush or rag.

Do so until you can no longer see any traces of the molds.

2. Forgetting About the Leaks

Since molds need moisture to live and spread, you need to arrest the source of the moisture. Hence, avoid the mistake of forgetting about the leaks. After removing the molds, call a plumber to check on the leaks in your house.

Check your ceilings if you see some water circling in the corners. Also, examine how your home smells. If you notice any unpleasant scents, then it means there is a leak that you need to address.

Furthermore, check the dark and moist areas in your house. Visit your basement and give it a clean sweep.

3. The Paint Temptation

Relying on mold-resistant paint is another common mistake that will cost you in the long run. Some homeowners choose to paint over the mold and cover the affected area.

Though this may beautify your walls in an instant, it doesn’t resolve the problem at its roots. The molds will remain under the paint. This means the spores will continue to spread with the moisture still present.

Before applying mold-resistant paint, make sure to eliminate the molds first. Resolve the moisture problem before applying any paint.

4. Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination is one of the most dangerous mistakes that can happen when removing molds. This happens when you fail to contain the molds during removal.

When you wipe off or scrub the molds, you release mold spores into the air. If you fail to secure the area, the spores can spread to other parts of the house.

The same thing can happen when you cut out your drywall. You can also spread the spores when ripping up your carpet.

As we mentioned earlier, molds can cause a myriad of health issues.

To avoid this mistake, you need to contain the air movement in the area. Also, you need to dispose of the infected materials properly. These procedures may require the help of professional mold restoration services.

5. Restoring Everything

Do you feel you can still salvage some items that the molds affected? Better think twice before doing so.

There are certain items and surfaces that you need to discard after removing the molds. These are your insulation, carpets, and upholstery. Likewise, you should throw away any wood and drywall that previously had molds on the surface.

On the flip side, you can keep certain items like porcelain, metal, glass, and other non-porous items. But make sure to remove all the molds down to the last pore before keeping any of these items.

But you may say that some wood and porous items show little damage coming from the molds. If you are unsure whether you can save an item or not, consult with a professional restoration expert.

6. Failing to Wear the Right Gear

We mentioned the importance of securing the area when removing the molds. Apart from protecting the other spaces in your home, you should never forget to protect yourself during the process.

Hence, make sure to wear the proper gear before you proceed with the mold removal. But the problem with this is that proper protective attire can be costly. Not only do you need to wear a special suit, but you also need to invest in a high-grade respirator.

Also, substituting proper gear with dust masks and paint suits from the hardware store is a big mistake. These things do not provide ample protection against mold spores.

Thus, to ensure your safety, it is best to hire a professional mold remediation company for the job.

7. Not Going Deep

Last but not least, do not settle for cleaning that is only on the surface. Most homeowners tend to think that all molds are visible. In turn, once they see that the surface is free of any dark spots, they think they already solved the problem.

As we mentioned earlier, dealing with molds can be tricky. Since you cannot see the mold spores, there is no guarantee that you already eliminated them in the area.

To avoid this, double-check the surrounding area. You want to make sure that the molds did not spread to other surfaces.

Furthermore, consult with a mold remediation expert. Professional mold removers have the proper knowledge and tools to ensure that your home is mold-free.

Avoid Mold Removal Mistakes for Good!

Now that you know some of the most common mold removal mistakes, you can address your mold problems more confidently. But with the complexity of mold removal, it is best to do things the right way from start to finish.

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