Water Damage Restoration Near Me: Quick Fixes for Emergencies

You can do everything right and your home can still suffer from water damage. Burst pipes, unexpected floods, and rain are the most common causes of water damage. Subsequently, they’re also the most common reasons people hire water damage restoration teams. With water damage restoration, you can take steps to remedy the damage water caused. Unfortunately, when your home experiences

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Are Burst Pipes Common in the Summer?

Many people think of burst pipes as something that only happens in the winter. However, you may be surprised to learn that pipes also commonly burst in the summer. If and when they do, you need to call a Portland water damage restoration company for help. Here’s why burst pipes in the summer season: Higher Temperatures The summers get pretty

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How to Spot Water Damage in Your Basement

You’re probably noticing water damage after the problem has already become severe. Out of all the rooms in your house, basements are most prone to water damage because of floods, clogged gutters, and foundation cracks. Unless you have a finished basement, you’re likely not regularly visiting your basement. Knowing the signs of water damage and when it’s time to call

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Was Your Home Damaged by a Storm? Here’s How Water Damage Restoration Services Can Help

Storms are an everyday occurrence here in the Pacific Northwest. If your home suffered water damage during a storm, it’s important to know what steps to take. Furthermore, you need to know who to call for experienced, top-rated water damage restoration services.  What to Expect After a Storm  After a storm occurs, you have to expect water damage and mold.

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4 Things You Should Do If A Pipe in Your Home Bursts

You might be sitting at home one day when all of a sudden, the unthinkable happens and a pipe bursts. Now you have to stop the situation from getting worse. This isn’t a situation that will go away on its own. In most cases, it isn’t as easy as stuffing the leak and calling it a day. Today, we’re going

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5 Steps to Take After Your Portland Home Suffers Water Damage

Water damage. No one wants to deal with it. Whether caused by a leaky pipe or an unexpected hurricane, water damage can quickly ruin your home and your belongings. If your home suffered water damage, there are a few steps you should take to help mitigate the damage. We discuss them below, as well as how an experienced water damage

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Root Causes of Water Damage and Needing Water Damage Restoration

When it occurs, water damage can wreak havoc on your home. After your home has suffered water damage, you shouldn’t overlook what caused it. Water damage has several root causes. If your home has sustained damage, it’s time to call a water damage restoration company for help. Here are the most common root causes of water damage (and some common

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What Causes Water Damage in a Basement?

A water leak in your basement is no fun, especially if your furniture, decorations, and storage are damaged in the process. Unfortunately, water leaks and subsequent damage in a basement are incredibly common. In fact, they have several causes you should be aware of. The more you know about how this type of water damage can occur, the more prepared

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