Mold Removal Services: Ensuring a Healthier Home Environment

Once you’ve made the call to book professional mold removal services, you’ve likely already done everything you can think of to try and treat mold in your home.  Unfortunately, though it’s common, mold is very difficult to treat yourself. Many household cleaners are not designed to treat mold at the source. Instead, these cleaners only treat the surface of the

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Is There Mold Growing in My Basement?

Be honest: how often do you visit your basement? If you’re like most Portland homeowners, the answer is probably not too often. Since basements are largely used for storage, it’s normal to not visit them until you need to. The downside of this is that you could miss mold growth. When you find it, you need to call a professional

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Does Water Damage Always Lead to Mold?

Does water damage always lead to mold? As techs who work in the mold removal services industry, this is a question we get often. And the answer is no, water damage doesn’t always lead to mold.  Mold needs the right conditions to grow and spread. This includes much more than just water. Keep reading to learn more about how water

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Winter Mold – How It Grows and How You Can Prevent It

Winter mold has a lot of causes in Portland, Oregon. Below, we take a look at what these are and if there are any steps you can take to prevent it. If left untreated, mold wreaks havoc on both your home and health. This is why mold removal services are necessary.  How Mold Grows During the Winter Mold always grows

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How to Remove Mold From Your Attic

Unless your attic is refurbished, chances are you don’t visit it too often. This means that you might not know you have a mold infestation until it’s already affected a large section of the attic. Attic mold has several causes. If you’ve found mold in your attic, we recommend calling a mold removal services company as soon as possible. A

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