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Mold Restoration and Water Damage Restoration Services in Portland, Oregon

Do you need mold remediation or water damage restoration services in Portland, OR? Look no further than PNW Restoration. We’re the leading mold restoration and water damage restoration experts serving residents of Portland, Oregon.

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PNW Restoration has Portland’s top-rated mold restoration and water damage restoration experts. Whatever kind of restoration services you need in Portland, our team can help. We proudly offer an array of essential restoration services, including but not limited to basement water removal, mold restoration, biohazard cleanup, and microbial contamination. This isn’t an exhaustive list. Call us at 971-247-3470 for a full list of services we provide. 

Whether it’s your Portland home or business that’s been affected, you need a trusted team of restoration experts that can get your property back to normal. That’s why Portland residents continue to turn to us. We understand that dealing with water damage or biohazard cleanup can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to turn. At PNW Restoration, we have the tools and resources necessary to deal with any type of damage. Don’t risk your health and safety by tending to these dangerous situations yourself. Call us for help.

What We Do

At PNW Restoration, our team of technicians is trained to be able to restore your home after it’s been damaged by water, mold, or other contaminants.

When mold appears, it needs to be treated right away. This is because it can cause serious health problems and trigger allergies. Our team knows how to identify different types of mold and treat it at the source so it doesn’t turn into a problem in the future. 

We understand that mold can appear anywhere in your home or business. We are trained to treat mold in every area of your property, including basements, attics, closets, and crawl spaces. Even if mold is difficult to reach, you can rest assured we’ll get to it.

Water damage is usually unexpected. If left untreated, it can cause mold. That’s why your first step after experiencing water damage should be to call a professional water damage removal and restoration company. Properly drying out your home after it experiences water damage isn’t always possible by yourself. This is where a professional comes in. 

Our technicians know how to treat water damage at the source and dry your home so it doesn’t result in mold or mildew. Whether water damage is the result of a burst pipe, ceiling leak, or sewage backup, we can help.

If your property was exposed to a biohazard, call us as soon as possible. Biohazards can be detrimental to your health and require the skilled hand of a certified biohazard cleanup professional to mitigate the damage. 

In many cases, biohazard cleanup involves harmful contaminants such as blood, chemical waste, or sewage. Our services extend to residential and commercial properties that have experienced such hazards. We will safely dispose of these toxic agents so you are left with a clean property.

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Certified Cleanup and Restoration Experts in Portland, OREGON

These kinds of events can’t be cleaned up by just anybody. They require a certified professional. At PNW Restoration, our team is fully trained and certified to treat homes and businesses that have been affected by mold, water, and other harmful contaminants. 

If your Portland property has been damaged, call us at 971-247-3470. We offer 24/7 emergency services.

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