Can Portland Rain Showers Lead to Water Damage?

If you live in Oregon, you are likely already familiar with the rainy season. All too often, this rainy season can lead to Portland water damage scenarios that homeowners and business owners have to figure out how to combat.

In this guide, we share some scenarios with rainy weather in Portland that could potentially lead to water damage. We also provide a few tips for helping to prevent water damage to the best of your ability.

How Can Rain Lead to Water Damage?

Most people assume that rain will only cause water damage if you have a leak somewhere that needs to be addressed. And while that certainly can cause water damage, there are other possibilities as well. Leaks are a common factor, but take a look at these variables that might lead to water damage.

Leaky Issues

If you have leaks in the roof or around the windows, these can certainly lead to water damage. You want to be sure to get any leaks or seepage taken care of as quickly as you discover them. The challenge with leaks is that sometimes the damage is done before you even really notice them. If you suspect a leak, figure out where it is coming from and get it stopped. The sooner you can address the leak, the better off you will be.

When a leak continues unhindered, it can lead to extensive damage and possibly even mold.

Ineffective Gutter Systems

Probably one of the biggest issues with Portland water damage possibilities is the guttering. So often, gutters aren’t able to do what they are meant to do. This leaves the water overflow looking for an alternative place to go. That alternative place will be your home.

Gutters are designed to direct water away from your structure. The gutters collect rainfall and then let the water flow through the system. This water is discharged through the downspout. So, your gutters need to be empty to allow water to flow. At the same time, your downspouts need to be positioned to push that water out effectively. They also have to be long enough to really get it away from your structure and foundation.

Sump Pump or Drain Failure

Another reason you might experience water damage in the Portland rains is from your sump pump failing. If you have a basement with a sump pump or French drain, you’ve got to maintain these and keep them running. A sump pump that is big enough and well taken care of should be able to keep up even with heavy rainfall.

French drains are the same. They drain more naturally, but if they are operating efficiently, they should be able to keep up with seepage and heavy rains. Basements are not just a location that naturally floods. Keeping the gutters and the pumps or drains maintained will make a huge difference.

Reducing the Risk of Portland Water Damage from Rain

If you take steps to help prevent water damage, you can reduce the risk of it happening in your space. Above, we shared some specific scenarios that could lead to water damage in rainy situations. Here, we share a few tips that might help prevent you from experiencing water damage.

Maintain Pumps and Drains

Be proactive in maintaining any pumps or drains that you have for water management. If your sump pump can’t keep up, it’s time to consider a new one or get it serviced. Ideally, you should be cleaning and maintaining that sump pump twice a year. This gives you the chance to clean it and inspect it. That also means you can find out if you need repairs or need a new sump pump entirely.

Protect the Foundation

You want to protect your exterior foundation from heavy rainfall. This can be done with effective guttering systems. Make sure yours are cleaned and maintained regularly. Check the downspouts and their positioning to be sure they are directing water away from the foundation.

You should also take a look at your exterior sloping of the dirt and ground around your foundation. If the slope runs toward your structure, this brings water toward it as well. Finally, if you have a basement with seepage, you need to get it waterproofed.

Fix Leaks and Inspect

Another tip to help reduce the possibility of water damage is to ensure you do inspections on windows, doors, and the roof. Check for leaks in any of these places. If you are experiencing leaks or have water coming in, take steps to prevent the issue.

Rely on PNW Restoration for Your Portland Water Damage

If you do experience water damage from the rainfall in Oregon, we are here to help. Take steps to reduce the risk and know who to call if something does happen. We can be there quickly to help you remove water and start cleaning up the mess when water damage happens to you.

Contact us today for your water damage needs.


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