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If you need a fully certified and insured team of expert mold removal and property repair specialists in Tualatin, OR we can help. The PNW Restoration team works around the clock to provide a range of services including water extraction, water damage restoration, removal of mold in attic and basement spaces, biohazard cleanup jobs and more.

We work across the Tualatin, Oregon area with customers who have serious concerns about their homes and businesses. In some of our customer’s cases, the poor condition of their building was a real risk to the customer’s health and wellbeing.

Alongside a range of restoration services such as water extraction and mold removal for any size (and use) of building, we can also return your premises and properties to a safe and clean status if you have a biohazard issue.

    Mold remediation (mold removal) in one of the most common services our customers need. We are methodical and thorough in removing mold and repairing your property. We identify the main causes of the mold so that we can prevent reoccurrence in the future.

    Our team doesn’t just offer short term solutions, we work to fix the issue at the source so that you can have a mold-free building for the long-term. We can remove mold from anywhere, even if it’333s in attic spaces, crawl spaces, drywall and basements.

    PNW Restoration provides the best quality services and explains the steps required to repair your property every step of the way. Most of our customers don’t realize that spores from mold can be a serious health risk and cause lung diseases. Don’t let your mold problems worsen.


    Another common issue faced by our customers is property damage caused by water. The first thing we do to solve water damage issues is a process called water extraction. We’re experienced at quickly and safely removing the water from your building, drying it out, then cleaning it up. Acting fast is the main way to prevent further damage and the development of mold.

    If you regret not calling us sooner, don’t worry. PNW Restoration works on a range of issues including mold removal and prevention, so if the water has caused other problems we can fix those too. You can receive a range of different services to get your building back into the right condition of even make it better than it was before.

    Our Tualatin, Oregon water damage response team works night and day to help customers rescue their properties from water emergencies. If you have urgent requirements such a flood, plumbing problem or mains leak call us as quickly as possible. Our flood restoration services can tackle everything from riverbank floods to a leaking bathroom pipe.

    If you need a roof leak repair, don’t wait for it to snow or rain, call now!


    Perhaps the most stressful and dangerous situation that we are often called concerning is a biohazard. Biohazards pose a huge threat to your health. If your building is contaminated with materials that are hazardous to human health do not ignore the problem. Call us immediately so that we can start helping right now. Your life and the lives of those around you may be at risk. Our number is (503) 352-5209.

    Some biohazard problems that we often fix, include hoarding problems, industrial accidents, chemical biohazard leaks, animal blood, human blood and sewage spills. We can help with any kind of biohazard situation.

    If you have a contaminated environment don’t take any risks. Call us immediately. We can remove all traces of the contaminant and ensure you have a safe and clean building.


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