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PNW Restoration in Oregon, City is your leading, local team of building restoration experts!

We Can Help Restore Your Property 24/7

Oregon City’s most specialized and highly-trained team of mold removal and building restoration experts is ready to help. In fact, we can provide a collection of essential services including: water extraction, water damage restoration, mold in attic and basement spaces, biohazard cleanup jobs and more.

Our customers often call us from all over the Oregon City area, worried about the damage their property has suffered. However, sometimes the conditions of their building pose a real danger to the health of our clients and their families, workers or customers.

We’re the top experts on a range of restoration services including: water extraction and mold removal for any size project. We also decontaminate spaces where a biohazard is present.

    Mold Remediation (mold removal) is a core service we provide to our customers. We completely remove the mold from your property. Alongside hands-on cleaning and construction work, we also identify the true cause of the mold and stop it from recurring.

    We provide long-term solutions to problems including mold in attic spaces, crawl spaces, drywall and basements. Our clients include business and private home owners across the Oregon City area.

    Not many people realize that mold is a serious health risk. Mold spores can cause a number of lung conditions.


    PNW Restoration is a team of experienced, licensed and certified professionals and we are experts on water extraction and water damage restoration. We can quickly and safely remove water from your building and immediately dry out and clean up your home or business. Our flood restoration services are the best in Oregon City.

    After drying out your property we can also ensure there’s sufficient mold removal and prevention. By applying our years of expertise, we can quickly restore your building to its former glory.

    Our water damage response team works 24/7 and can provide a quick assessment of the issues. Then, we’ll make repairs to limit any damage which may still be occurring to your building. Our aim is to recover your home or business from a water emergency as fast as possible. Whether it’s a flood, plumbing problem or a mains leak we can get your property back to its original condition fast and also mitigate any future risks.

    If you need a roof leak repair, don’t wait for it to snow or rain, call now!


    Biohazards are perhaps the most stressful situations that our customers have to face. Whether it’s your home or your business premises, biohazards are not something we recommend delaying a response to. Call us now so that we can start helping right away. Your life may be at risk. Our number is (503) 352-5209.

    There are hundreds of biohazards that our clients have asked us to handle, from hoarding problems to industrial accidents. We’ve responded to chemical biohazard issues, animal blood, human blood, sewage spills and so many other types of hazardous waste situations. A contaminated environment could present a serious risk to your health and the health of others. Call us today so we can start work and remove all traces of the contaminants. We want to make your environment safe and clean for you now.


    Our Customers Love Us

    Peter, M said: “The property I bought at auction had roof rot and rain came in. It meant the top floor of the house was full of mold and damp. The kitchen was also crammed with junk from hoarding and I was worried about health and safety. PNW Restoration took care of everything, they made the roof and top floor look as good as new and cleaned the other floors perfectly. I would recommend them! ”

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