Mold Removal and Water Damage Restoration in Hillsboro, OR

Mold Removal and Water Damage Restoration in Hillsboro, OR

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We’re the most experienced and highly-skilled team of mold removal and property repair specialists in Hillsboro. We offer a wide range of services including water extraction, water damage restoration, removal of mold in attic and basement spaces, biohazard cleanup jobs and more.

Our customers ask us for help from all over the Hillsboro, Oregon area and often have a lot of concerns about the damage and disrepair their homes and businesses have suffered. In some cases, the condition of the building could present a danger to our client’s health and wellbeing.

We’re the local experts on a wide variety of restoration services including water extraction and mold removal for any building size. We can also ensure your property is clean and safe if you have a biohazard problem.

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I called the Hillsboro, Oregon office of PNW Restoration when I started to smell mold. I have a baby and I was worried it was unsanitary for her. They came and took a look at the attic. A roof leak meant there was some damp and mold had started to grow. The damp had got into the bedroom wall too. I’m glad they fixed the issue and I would definitely recommend their services to friends.” – Samantha T

Our professional, fully-certified, health and safety trained teams use various techniques to restore and decontaminate your home or business.

Mold Removal

If you require mold remediation (mold removal), we can help. Our service is detailed and meticulous. As well as removing mold and repairing your property, we identify the key causes of the mold in order to prevent reoccurrence.

We combine detailed advice for our customers with hands-on construction and restoration work for solutions that last long. We fix issues such as mold in attic spaces, crawl spaces, drywalls, and basements.

A lot of our customers don’t realize that spores from mold can represent a serious health risk and cause lung diseases. Don’t allow your mold problem to become worse.

Water Damage Restoration

If your property has been damaged by water, the first step to restoring it is water extraction. We are experts at safely and quickly removing water from your premises, drying it out and then cleaning up your building. Acting quickly is key to preventing mold and further water damage.

If you wish you had called us sooner, don’t worry. We work on a range of issues including mold removal and prevention. We can give you a selection of different services to restore your property to its previous condition, or make it even better than it used to be!

Our goal is always to rescue your building from a water emergency like flooding or a plumbing problem as quickly as possible. Our flood restoration services are able to tackle everything from riverbank floods to a leaking bathroom pipe.

Certified Biohazard Clean Up

One of the most stressful and dangerous situations that we fix is known as a biohazard. These are problems involving materials hazardous to human health. If your building is contaminated with harmful materials, do not delay. Call us immediately so we can start helping right now. Your life and the lives of those around you may be at risk.

Common biohazard issues we deal with include hoarding problems, industrial accidents, chemical biohazard leaks, animal blood, human blood, and sewage spills. We can help with any kind of biohazard issue you have, getting rid of any traces of the contaminant and providing you with a safe and clean building.

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Don’t let your problems get worse by ignoring them. We are ready to perform all the water extraction, water damage restoration, removal of mold in attic and basement spaces, and biohazard cleanup projects you could possibly need.

Get in touch with us now so we can help restore your property to a safe and clean space.

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